Is Digital Marketing A Good Career?

The internet has become indispensable for most of us. Whether it comes to shopping or booking a holiday, most transactions are handled online. The digital space has created endless opportunities for businesses. Similarly, it has created the need for a variety of new jobs.

The following article covers job requirements, career opportunities, and salaries, Digital Marketing has to offer.

#1 Digital Marketing – Career Opportunities

Digital transformation and the growing need for businesses to establish a strong online presence, has created various new jobs. Digital Marketing includes, but is not limited to the following positions:

Social Media Director / Influencer Marketer / Digital Brand Strategist / Affiliate Marketing Manager / Head of Digital Transformation / Head of Digital Marketing / SEO Specialist / Online Content Creator / Photographer / Blogger / Email Marketer / E-Commerce Director / Mobile Marketing Specialist / Online Analytics Specialist and many more.

#2 Digital Marketing – Job Requirements

Compared to other departments, Digital Marketing is relatively new. This opens many doors and facilitates the opportunity for professionals to become one of the digital leaders of the future. Next to analytical, technical and creative skills, you definitely need to be a good networker. This is because Digital Marketing is very fast paced. Professionals won’t always find the newest trends and techniques online. Therefore, it is crucial to be open and network with experts in your field to stay up to date. Also, while in traditional marketing the key objectives and campaign metrics are mostly laid out, Digital Marketing is often unpredictable. In order to succeed, the constant testing of different strategies and new concepts is unavoidable.

#3 Digital Marketing – Salaries

Digital Marketing salaries depend on the level of experience and responsibilities. A Marketing Specialist for instance, can make between $45,000 to $60,000 per annum. A Digital Marketing Manager on average earns around $65,000, while a Digital Marketing Director can make up to $100,000 per year. More information regarding average salaries are available online on pages like Glassdoor or Payscale.

#4 How to get started in Digital Marketing

Depending on the profession, there are different ways to get started in Digital Marketing. A variety of online courses, e-trainings and webinars are available online. Other methods include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Facebook Groups: Facebook Groups are a great way to network and exchange ideas with Digital Marketing experts. Additionally, there are endless opportunities to work with other professionals in form of 1-1 coaching or group sessions.
  • Networking: Platforms such as LinkedIn offer great opportunities to network with and get advice from digital experts. Besides, many freelancers offer personal coaching sessions to help you get started.
  • Certifications: Becoming certified through taking Digital Marketing courses (such as for instance the Google Analytics I.Q. Exam) can be a great asset when looking for job opportunities.
  • Learning by doing: In Digital Marketing, platforms, trends and strategies change on a daily basis. A great way to educate yourself, is via the “learning by doing” approach. This can be a great way to discover new strategies, and become a Digital Marketing expert. 

#5 Is Digital Marketing right for me?

Overall, Digital Marketing is a great career choice. If you are willing to constantly learn and network with industry experts around the globe, it is an exciting and fun profession. The single biggest challenge most professionals face when starting a career in Digital Marketing is its dynamics. Therefore, changing social media trends, constant platform alterations and strategies are a normality in Digital Marketing and should be managed accordingly.

Are you working in a Digital Marketing position and if so, what’s your experience?

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  1. I am not wokring in a Digital Marketing position and I have a little experience in it.
    I am in sales and I need and use a digital marketing in my work. About Digital Marketing career, I think it is a great career choice and This the artilce a really valuable.

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