how I automate my LinkedIn social media posts

Why should you automate your LinkedIn posts? Who hasn’t seen one of GaryVee’s video’s emphasizing the importance to push out content on social media consistently and on a daily basis? And he is definitely right.

In fact, I think it may be the most important thing. I often see people get excited about social media and post every single day for a few weeks and then…nothing! They don’t post for days or even months.

Posting consistently – and sticking to it – is one of the best ways to strengthen your social media presence. Here’s why!

Why posting consistently is so important

Given that nearly all social media platform algorithms favor consistency, it becomes obvious that if you are aiming for serious growth, posting daily is inevitable.

Besides, you’ll see an increase in engagement over time and will stay top of your audience’s mind. This will create trust and ensure that if someone needs a service that you provide, you are the first person they think of.

Why use social media automation?

Social media automation is the process of optimizing social interactions by using automation tools. This can englobe publishing blog posts, videos, stories, and social posts.

Automating the distribution of content reduces the hours spend on maintaining your social media accounts. Besides, you can plan and schedule your content weeks in advance including beyond regular business hours. As a result, you can allocate the additional time in actual content creation and in actively engaging with your audience.

How I automate my LinkedIn posts

While there are several social media schedule tools offering social media automation, I have found Crowdfire to be one of the first and most affordable platforms to automate my LinkedIn posts. The tool includes LinkedIn and more importantly a LinkedIn video schedule option.

Most other platforms I found include a post schedule option, yet do not include the option to schedule video. As video currently is one of the most performing content types on LinkedIn, I strongly recommend using a tool that includes this option.

What’s Crowdfire?

Crowdfire is an automation tool that not only simplifies content distribution but content creation as well. Next to LinkedIn & LinkedIn for Businesses, the tool works with other popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, Shopify, Medium, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. The platform currently has over 19 million users worldwide and is used by businesses, individuals & agencies.

Below are some Crowdfire features I am currently using to automate my LinkedIn posts and which you should know about:

#1 Content creation

The content curation feature is one of the best ways to get relevant content to post and never run out of content ideas. Depending on the topics of your choice, Crowdfire automatically curates articles and images for your social accounts. You can either schedule them at your preferred times or let Crowdfire decide the best post times for you.

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#2 Content scheduling

As mentioned earlier, one of Crowdfire‘s main benefits is its content schedule feature to a variety of social media platforms. This lets you schedule content in advance, and manage all your social accounts from one central platform. Next to scheduling content manually at my preferred times, I sometimes also use the “post at best times” feature.

#3 Data analytics

Next to the content creation and schedule functionality, one of my favorite features is Crowdfire’s data analytics capability to track performance. You can measure and track, metrics like follower growth, shares, post engagement, hashtag performance, and even your competitor’s posts per platform, This helps understand your return on investment (ROI), how well your and your competitor’s content is performing.

#4 Social mentions & listening

Lastly, Crowdfire also lets you measure and track whenever someone mentions you on social media. You can then send replies to all the mentions with images, videos, and gifs directly from Crowdfire. Crowdfire listening, a new feature, helps you listen to everything that’s being said about you and your competitors all around the internet.

If you are interested in trying out Crowdfire, feel free to sign up via this LINK to get an exclusive 14-day free access.

To learn more about digital marketing & content strategies, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

What are your thoughts on social media post automation? Did it help you be more consistent on social media? I hope that you found this blog post helpful. I’ll see you back here soon with another blog post.



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