our story

“Fashion should be a mean to discover who you are, to express your true self & what you feel”

Who We Are

When our founder, Kathrin Lindner, spent time abroad in France and the US to combine work and studies, she realized that the world was too big to remain in her homeland of Germany any longer. She moved around Europe, spending time in Paris, Amsterdam, and London, learning from the international corporations that she served, and although this time proved invaluable to her, she longed for something more, some fresh opportunity in full alignment with her vision. Together with Aziz, who had lived a similar journey, the two of them founded Kathrin Lindner, an organization that helps especially young people to grow into leaders of the future. 


inspired by a journey of self-DISCOVERY

Our products are inspired by a generation of global citizens seeking for self-actualization, creativity and expression. With this mindset we are committed to creating fashionable, high quality items that give all individuals the possibility to express their personality.

based in london

Headquartered in London, Kathrin Lindner embraces a “live your dream” and travel lifestyle. This is why we offer “working holiday” options to our team members, making simultaneous work and travel possible.   

eco-friendly packaging

As our way of making a positive impact on the business world, we have pledged to use only environmentally friendly packaging from recycled materials for all our products. This means that the packaging we use follows green production processes. 

our values

"no politics"

“If you can handle the job, you get the job”, regardless of your education, degree, years of work experience or personal background.

"you don't work for us, we work together"

We embrace a “flat” organization where we recognize and value the responsibility of each team member regardless of position and status. 

"pro changes"

We always welcome new ideas, new technologoes, apply the highest standards of effectiveness & excellence to the way we run our business.

"Socially engaged"

We contribute yearly to selected Charities and local Communities.