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What does the future of digital marketing look like? While there is no doubt that “x” years of work experience is useful to develop managerial, job-related & communication skills, past work experience alone isn’t and won’t be enough, to successfully handle the jobs of the future. Read more to learn why & how to continuously evolve!

#1 Knowledge is Power

Technology is changing at such a speed that existing strategies and platforms can become obsolete in a matter of seconds. According to Chiefmartec and their marketing technology supergraphic the number of companies offering digital marketing solutions went from an estimated 150 in 2011 to 7,000 in 2018. This is an increase of more than 4,000%. To remain knowledgeable and up to date with the latest innovation, it is crucial to determine which information is relevant for your job requirements. Additionally, proactively expand your skillset through self-education. “Knowledge is Power”, this is why the internet should be your new best buddy, you daily spend some quality time with.

#2 Social Presence Over Online Research

When it comes to Social Media such as for instance TikTok, or Instagram and its influencers, it, in my opinion, isn’t enough to educate yourself through online research alone. In order to be able to fully understand each platform, its ever-changing algorithms, to assess what works and what doesn’t, you need to be an active user yourself. To understand the latest strategies, you need to get your “hands dirty”. The same applies with newer social media platforms entering the market. Don’t hesitate to become an active user, even if the platform is not super popular yet. This will not only help your company gain a competitive advantage but also make you an early adopter and social media expert.

#3 The Speed of Digital Advertising

Did you know that Google updates its algorithm 500 times a year? The online advertising industry is changing at a rapid speed. Changes on advertising platforms including Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Snap or (lately) TikTok, are announced on a monthly basis. Keeping up with the latest updates is important, not only to ensure effective usage of new features, but to continuously test advertising systems as well. Constant testing is a hallmark of nearly all successful advertisers. Especially if there are limited best practices available. Additionally, it is recommended to not solely limit yourself to your colleagues and people within your network. Exchange globally with other advertisers. One way to do so is through usage of dedicated ad groups on social media.

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#4 Think outside the box

Lastly, what’s in today, may be out again tomorrow. Trends come and go, faster than ever. If you catch a trend you are a winner. However, make sure you are not only a trend follower, be a trend maker. To do so, don’t stop yourself from thinking outside the box. Foster innovation by giving your team a sense of freedom and by creating an innovative company culture.

Final words

No one knows what the future of digital marketing will look like. With the rapid changes in technology, past work experience alone is no longer sufficient to compete in the digital space. Through out-of-the-box thinking, openness for innovation, online education and learning by doing, some of those gaps can be filled.

To learn more about digital marketing & content strategies, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. What are your thoughts on the Future of Digital Marketing?


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LinkedIn Stories is coming how can brands benefit from it